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Hayıkama who provides service in its sector for many years believes in open and transparent communication in allbusiness processes from production to after sales service and the power ofempathetic approach in bilateral relations. Rooted past of our company is basedon the following principles

-Customer satisfaction is more importantthan anything else. We listen to our customers and produce suitable andreasonable solutions suitable for their requirements which provide success andincome in professional life.

-We take pains to budgets in raw material purchasing in order to decrease our production costs and offer qualitywith most economical prices.

-We follow new technologies closely and produce solutions that allow business developments and growths of our customers.

-We believe that environmental awareness should increase for protecting natural resources which diminish gradually. Hayıkamatries to develop technical products that save water and energy.

-As a company open for innovations wepay value to feedbacks from all our stake holders for continuous development. We realize those coinciding with our principles. We thank to all our partners whosupport our development.

-We produce products which touch thefuture with cheery and experienced employees trained well.