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Our company entered the professional business world with hand weaving carpet production in early 70s and included carpet cleaning in its service range upon intense demands from the customers in 80s. Our company has visionary view point that provides identity to our institution. The fact that carpet cleaning costs were not economical in that period made us perform higher quality production in conformity with customer expectations, models with new technology were made.

HAYIKAMA started the production of the first machines in 2000s as a result of knowledge accumulation in the industrial production and carried its quality a step further. New machine models were designed and mass production started in order to increase the effeciency and reduce the cost of carpet cleaning.

HAYIKAMA is a company specialized in the manufacturing of industrial carpet cleaning systems. The company started its activities in 1970 by producing hand-knotted carpets then incorporated carpet washing services to its structure in 1980. The comapny invested in in the techology related the c a r p e t cleaning systems in order to increase the quality production and reduce the carpet washing cost. Since 2005, HAYIKAMA started the manufacturing of new machines and increased the quality and efficiency of its cleaning systems by producing new machine models.

The company is working both domestically and internationally by exporting its machines to more than 48 countries around the world with a backround of 35 years experience. HAYIKAMA produces a full professional line for industrial carpet cleaning that regroups the following machines : Automatic dust remover, Automatic carpet washing machine, Automatic carpet spin dryer HAYIKAMA is also a solution partner and offers consultancy and training to its customers.

Our institution plays an active role in R&D works and is a leader in its sector and succeeded in being the symbol of quality for almost 45 years in gaining the trust of its customers.