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G Series Carpet Washing Machine

Product Detail Information

• First brushing unit with 4 brushes
• Second brushing unit with 4 brushes
• High pressure rinsing unit
• Moving scrapper unit
• Rolling unit
• Stainless steel and hot-dipped galvanized chassis
• Ability to wash all types of carpets
• Speed control operating system
• Fragmental conveyor belt system that prevents belt stell
• PLC control system that provides detergent, electricity and water conservation
• Touch screen panel control
• Automatic detergent and water pump system
• Pneumatic brush pressure system

Product Specification

Max. Carpet Width 260 cm 320 cm 420 cm
Dimensions 320x275x190 cm 375x275x190 cm 470x275x190 cm
Weight 2200 kg 2500 kg 3000 kg
Washing Capacity 150 m²/h 180 m²/h 240 m²/h
Number of Brushes 8 disc + moving scrapper 8 disc + moving scrapper 8 disc + moving scrapper
Engine Power 18 kW 18 kW 18 kW
Electricity 3 phase / 380 V / 50Hz
Touch Control Panel
Speed Control
Electronic Sensor System
Detergent Tank
Automatic Detergent Pump System
Carpet Trolley
Rolling System